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Filodoro: you can see, feel, touch the difference: the slogan that made history by entering the collective memory and which still today “is pierced in” the memory of every woman.

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Datedness, elegance and durability

Filodoro, in Italian, means "Golden Yarn", but it also means up-to-datedness, elegance and durability, for these are the hallmarks of a brand that is a synonym for hosiery, a brand that makes people dream and that for years has dressed up the legs of women that have never forgotten that... golden yarn!
Traditions and innovation, research and continuous renewal, quality of yarns and leading edge technologies: all of these features have made Filodoro one of the best known brands in the international hosiery industry, both in Italy and abroad.

For each "golden thread" there is a woman!

Wide collections of women hosiery but also men socks to meet all tastes and ages, with a constant, careful eye on the fashion trends... and on the price/quality ratio.
On the strength of its long-standing tradition, Filodoro continues to renew itself by proposing new and captivating styles, to dress a dynamic, determined and self-confident woman in every occasion: elegant when necessary, enterprising at work and in social life, practical in everyday life, fashionable for special occasions with friends, seductive for the most intriguing encounters.

The brand
The brand

Filodoro all over the world

True quality travels all around the world on that thread… which makes the difference! Filodoro has always been a quite renowned and easily recognisable name in the hosiery sector, all over the world.
The brand's turnover is constantly growing. Italy is the first outlet market but exports are becoming increasingly more important.

In fact, about 60% of the turnover comes from foreign countries thanks also to special, dedicated tights and stockings collection developed for these markets. Filodoro can be found in the main European markets, with Russia and Spain being the more important, and also in non-European countries, Canada in particular.