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History of stockings

Contrary to popular belief, stockings' origins are not recent but instead ancient. Over time there has been an evolution and a gradual improvement of yarns, materials and production technologies, up to the excellence, the state-of-the-art of today: currently there are a lot of types of stockings and tights, differing by colour, colour hues and design type.

Tights and stockings today are not just accessories but garments in their own right, always following the latest fashion trends.
Filodoro products make women's legs the absolute protagonists... Because you can see, feel, touch the difference.

History of stockings - the past

Ever since man started wearing clothes on its body, legs have been covered as well! The birth of "modern" stockings dates back to the Middle Ages when silk started to be processed to make the first socks and stockings.
In the beginning only men wore stockings but from the moment women were allowed to show their legs stockings became a symbol of luxury.

Nylon was discovered in 1938 in Du Pont company's USA laboratories. Nylon gives an extraordinary elasticity, versatility and flexibility to stockings.

The new production techniques in use ever since the 50s allowed development of the first seamless stockings.
The development of Lycra made stockings even more tight-fitting and durable, increasing its fit and aesthetic appearance.
And in 1965, when the mini-skirt came, tights triumphed! It was a revolution in fashion and society as well. The greatest movie and fashion celebrities consecrated tights as a weapon of seduction.

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