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The two tubes are joined together in the top area by means of seams. Seams are very important as they greatly influence a garment's fit and comfort.

The most frequent types of sewing are:

Automatic sewing
This type of sewing is made with automated systems that join the two tubes, insert the gusset and sew the toes.

Flat seam
This type of seam, usually made manually, is particularly comfortable because there is no overlaying of materials (the so-called raised seam). In this type of sewing the gusset is inserted by hand.

For improving fit, appearance and comfort a diamond-shaped cotton, nylon or polypropylene gusset is inserted during assembling in the tights' crotch area.
The toe sewing is made from the inside; the toes are aligned so that the sewing is always made at the same height.

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