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Filodoro, thanks to leading edge technologies and production processes and to the use of valuable yarns has always offered high quality tights and stockings with perfect fit and great durability.
Wide collections of tights and stockings, fashionable or classic, in tune with the latest fashion trends and good for any occasion, from the simplest and most informal models to the most elegant and sophisticated ones, good for every age and every taste and to meet the most diverse needs of women and men as well.
high quality tights and stockings with perfect fit and great durability
Tights, hold-ups, leggings, knee-highs and socks with a good quality-price ratio, for widely diversified targets, in continuous evolution.
The wide, diversified offer of Filodoro collections features an extremely wide range of styles and specific contents for each type of store/point of sale: packs are customised with an ad hoc graphic layout for each line and type of package (bag, box or packaging insert). Strong impact colours and images highlight the product's "plusses" thus simplifying the customer's choice and purchase process.
type-customised product packs
The brand's structure features six different product lines each dedicated to some of the six distribution channels (including traditional and modern ones), in Italy and abroad: a diversified array of styles and contents, each custom-tailored for the type of store (traditional shop, department store, supermarkets and shopping centres, wholesalers). distribution to stores
Before, during and after sale Filodoro is at its business partners' side to help them organise, manage and analyse sales in the best way. after-sale consultancy
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