Fusion Summer 10 02.10.2012 - Fusion Summer 10
Innovation & Elegance all the time! From today on, Strength can be seen, felt and touched! Filodoro's light and strong beauty!
Filodoro introduces a summery article being innovative thanks to both its light weight and strength.
Super sheer tights being ladder resistant thanks to the utilization of LYCRA® Fusion, a fibre that allows the articles to have a longer life as well as a close-woven and uniform leg appearance.
Shaping - Lycra Beauty 02.01.2012 - Shaping - Lycra Beauty
The new collaboration with Invista is born. From today on, the whole range of Filodoro shaping products warranties its surplus value with the Lycra Beauty brand, The Science of Shaping.
Free time - Fresh bamboo 02.01.2012 - Free time - Fresh bamboo
Fresh bamboo novelties: a wave of health and naturalness!!!
Natural Feeling line is enriched by special new wellbeing products made from Bamboo Fibre. 
Discover filodoro's classic allies for a fresh and lively summer 02.01.2012 - Discover filodoro's classic allies for a fresh and lively summer
Filodoro quality goes through a thread which makes a difference. The new Filodoro Classic Footlet Line consists of invisible and breathable articles that are comfortable and at the same time elegant as well as suitable for hot weather and special occasions.
Shaping Slim Line 15 02.01.2012 - Shaping Slim Line 15
Able to contain, shape and push up the buttocks. Filodoro presents shaping, super sheer tights, a perfect solution for the Summer months.
Backstage viral video 11.03.2011 - Backstage viral video
Feel the athmosphere... Here is the live - viral video made in the streets of Bologna: follow the yarn that makes the difference!
On line the viral video 10.14.2011 - On line the viral video "Play with Filodoro"
Filodoro is social! Now on-line important communication activities...
Discover the exclusive interactive video in which we put our Filodoro woman to the test on daily life troubles : help her to overcome them all at great speed.
Backstage video of Fall/Winter collection 11/12 10.12.2011 - Backstage video of Fall/Winter collection 11/12
Look at you in the mirror and feel fashionable. Get to the hearth of the shooting set with that Bit More that only fashion can add.
Facebook page creation 10.10.2011 - Facebook page creation
Click the LIKE button and become a Filodoro Fan. You will find all the news of the Filodoro world, from the latest fashion trends to the important communication activities.
Follow the thread of fashion and get out of the ordinary 10.01.2011 - Follow the thread of fashion and get out of the ordinary
Filodoro presents the new fashion collection Fall/Winter 2011-2012 to give that Bit More to your days!

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