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The assembled tubes, packed in special polyester fabric bags are then dyed and treated with conditioners in order to obtain a fabric soft to the feel.

There are several different types of dyeing:
- in static dyeing (suitable for low-denier polyamide hosiery) the stocking is kept still while the colouring bath is moved by pumps;
- conversely, in dynamic or rotating dyeing (suitable for microfibre, wool, cotton, acrylic) the stocking is put in a drum, like a washing machine. The result is a much softer fabric;
- lastly, there is a third type of machine, called "cabinet" dyeing, where the dyeing bath is kept static, but the stockings are not kept in a single drum but sorted in a series of drawers as rubbing may cause creases or pulled threads This type of dyeing is suitable for delicate products or very heavy microfibre products.

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