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Hints for use

How to wear tights

A pair of tights' long life starts the moment the bag is opened and carries on the moment they are worn.

1. The tights' weft is extremely fine and delicate, and therefore it is, first of all, essential to make sure that your hands are smooth; do not touch the tights with nails or rings.

The most scrupulous women even wear a pair of gloves!

2. It is recommended to gather up one leg at a time, roll it up, put it on the toe and slide it on delicately, avoiding jerking movements.

3. Pull up the tights gently up to the knee, repeat the operation up to the gusset, and lastly stretch and adjust the briefs. All of this avoiding jerks and pulls!

Be equally careful when you remove the tights.


We recommend washing tights frequently, by hand in lukewarm water with a mild, non-chlorine detergent!
To make sure that the tights preserve their original shape and elasticity, rinse them abundantly without wringing, pulling or twisting them.
If you prefer using the washing machine, put them in the special bags or in a pillowcase if you do not have the bags.


Keep the tights away from direct heat sources like heaters, sun rays and of course tumble dryers and other drying machines.
Do not even think about ironing: the thin, precious yarns are very frail and might be damaged.
Never dry-clean tights!

What about hold-ups?

The most delicate part in a hold-up is the silicone that actually... holds them up.
Creams, ointments, cosmetics and talc powder are substances that may bond to silicone and neutralise its ability to adhere to the leg.
Hold-ups must be washed by hand in lukewarm water not hotter than 40° C, accurately cleaning also silicone: soap, if properly rinsed away, further reinforces the silicone's adhesion properties.
High-temperature washing and using the wrong products may decrease the band's elasticity!

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