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Days quickly go by among every-day activities… Filodoro offer a range of comfortable and resistant highs for determined women who love feeling tidy at any time of the day. Quality, refinement, comfort and practicality: all in one item, the ideal choice at any time of the day!

Aurora 15

Every day - Aurora 15
Ultra-sheer pantyhose.
Daily 15

Every day - Daily 15
Ultra-sheer matt tights.
Daily 20

Every day - Daily 20
Sheer matt tights.
Jazz 15

Every day - Jazz 15
Ultra-sheer matt tights.

Jazz 15 Maxi

Every day - Jazz 15 Maxi
Ultra-sheer matt tights.
Music 15

Every day - Music 15
Ultra-sheer tights.
Music 15 Maxi

Every day - Music 15 Maxi
Ultra-sheer matt tights.
Music 20

Every day - Music 20
Sheer tights.

Music 20 Maxi

Every day - Music 20 Maxi
Sheer matt tights.

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