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Your legs are the absolute stars, they deserve to be shown with opaque and super-opaque tights... total look, always elegant legs! Warm, comfortable, stretchy tights to guarantee maximum freedom of movement and an unparalleled comfort, ideal for women who just can't stand the cold. Natural fibres and precious yarns for soft and comfortable tights that wrap the legs up protecting them from the coldness of winter.

Tights Soft Touch

Opaques - Tights Soft Touch
Extra opaque tights.
Warm winter tights

Opaques - Warm winter tights
Extra opaque tights.
Thermo Feeling

Opaques - Thermo Feeling
Opaque tights.
Regina 100

Opaques - Regina 100
Extra opaque tights.

Regina 160

Opaques - Regina 160
Opaque tights.
Clio 70

Opaques - Clio 70
Opaque tights.
Cotton Cashmere

Opaques - Cotton Cashmere
Extra opaque tights.
Microfibra 100 Touch & Look

Opaques - Microfibra 100 Touch & Look
Tights in microfibre.

Caldo Cotone 60 mélange

Opaques - Caldo Cotone 60 mélange
Opaque tights.
Cotton Warm

Opaques - Cotton Warm
Opaque tights.
Micro cotone 140 knee-highs

Opaques - Micro cotone 140 knee-highs
Opaque knee-highs.
Paola 100

Opaques - Paola 100
Opaque tights.

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