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Special socks, mini-socks and shoe liners, all in natural fibres and light, comfortable cotton: hygienic, fresh, breathable fabric products to make feet feel better. Ideal for a fresh, immediate, simple style and a new, different way of being in touch with nature!

Savefoot Socks

Natural feeling - Savefoot Socks
Savefoot Socks
Sock Stylized

Natural feeling - Sock Stylized
Sock Stylized.
Ankle socks (3 pairs)

Natural feeling - Ankle socks (3 pairs)
Ankle socks with light cotton.
Sock Top&Roll

Natural feeling - Sock Top&Roll
Knee hights.

Sock Dual Effect

Natural feeling - Sock Dual Effect
Cotton mini-sock.
EASY mini-sock

Natural feeling - EASY mini-sock
Cotton mini-sock.
Cotton sock essential

Natural feeling - Cotton sock essential
Cotton mini-sock.
Mini-sock - 2 PAIRS

Natural feeling - Mini-sock - 2 PAIRS
Cotton mini-sock.

Cotone mini-sock

Natural feeling - Cotone mini-sock
Cotton mini-sock.
Duo Fit shoe liners - 2 PAIRS

Natural feeling - Duo Fit shoe liners - 2 PAIRS
Shoe liners.
Fit Shoe liners

Natural feeling - Fit Shoe liners
shoe liners.

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