Filodoro Woman

Femininity runs along an unbreakable yarn... that makes the difference.
Innovation, research, continuous renovation and modernity: these are all synonyms of Filodoro!
A complete collection guaranteeing a good price-quality relationship: tights, hold-ups, leggings, knee-highs and socks for modern women in continuous evolution.

Exploiting its tradition and history, Filodoro constantly renews itself proposing innovative and appealing styles to dress women who are dynamic, resolute and self-confident in any occasion: elegant when needed, daring on the workplace and in social events, sensible in everyday life, trendy for special occasions with her friends and seductive for the most "special" events.

For every Filodoro there is a woman! From the youngest to the more mature: for all of them we offer an excellent choice of various types of tights and stockings all geared to provide perfect fit and absolute comfort.
Because with Filodoro you can see, feel, touch the difference.

Classic Line
An assortment of tights and stockings to meet every woman's demands in terms of quality and elegance.
Sport and Leisure Line
Trendy and sporty socks widely appreciated for their use of various fabrics: cotton, microfibre and terry.
Fashion Line
Socks that change every day for an always-changing look! Fashionable, protagonist legs thanks to original tights and stockings.

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