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super opaque


Tights Soft Touch

Opaques - Tights Soft Touch
Extra opaque tights.
Warm winter tights

Opaques - Warm winter tights
Extra opaque tights.
Micro cotone 140 knee-highs

Opaques - Micro cotone 140 knee-highs
Opaque knee-highs.
Paola 100

Opaques - Paola 100
Opaque tights.

Micro Cotone 140

Opaques - Micro Cotone 140
Super opaque tights.
Leggings warm winter

Leggings - Leggings warm winter
Opaque footless in microfiber.
Microfibre 100

Leggings - Microfibre 100
Opaque footless in microfiber.

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