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What's Your Size?

Filodoro has always provided well-designed sizes for women and men alike!
In order to adapt to the different types of products and to the countless different physical figures, from the petites to the slender ones, from the thinnest to the plumpest, Filodoro hosiery always provide the right leg length, the proper size of the top and a suitable waist band, to guarantee maximum comfort. Excellent fit is also guaranteed by the availability of extra-large sizes through a wide offer of tights with reinforced top, made further resistant and durable with the so-called "maxi-gusset".

Learn which is the right size for you by clicking on the type of product you are interested in:

. Fishnet and leggings
. Tights
. Maxi-tights (without maxi-gusset)
. Hold-ups
. Fashion Tights and Hold-ups

For further details and to feel more confident with your choice, we recommend you to always refer to the tables on the back of the packages of your preferred Filodoro products.

If you are looking for knee-highs and socks choosing is easier: they most of all come in one size only, fitting perfectly to any foot and leg.

In men, instead, what matters is exactly the feet size: the grids depend on the type of socks and the shoe size.
To choose the right size check the package!

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